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Inside Letters from the World’s Largest Prison System By Chuck Brown

Ever wonder what it’s really like to spend years behind bars? Today more than 1 out of every 100 Americans already knows. With sentencing and parole laws getting stricter there are more people entering jail, but strangely fewer treatment and rehabilitation programs. We see the world of prison life in television programs on a regular basis, but what do we really know of the prisoners?

Author Chuck Brown compiled letters from prisoners in his book Inside: Letters from the World’s Largest Prison System. Inside offers a glimpse of inmates’ day-to-day lives through their own words. These are the words of spiritual men looking for redemption.

Brown has worked tirelessly to spread awareness of what our system does to its disenfranchised. He believes that everyone, no matter what his crime, deserves to be redeemed. He finds the way that the government and society treats those that have been convicted, “an appalling example of injustice.” Our society often forgets that the people convicted of crimes are still human beings who are entitled to basic human rights. “Punishment of wrong doers is justified—but it is never justified for its own sake,” says Brown. “ There appears to be more discussion and ideas about where ex-offenders should not live than about treatment programs and housing for them once they leave prison…” There needs to be more than just crime and punishment.

Brown is a spiritual advocate for the prisoners who has been exchanging letters with prisoners for many years. Inside contains the reflections, fears, and frustrations of men who are trying to cope with their personal demons. Like many of us, they are finding peace in God’s love and guidance.

Brown is a church volunteer whose companionship with prisoners has given them hope and support on their journey towards forgiveness. His collection of their letters gives the convicted a voice, “… every person has an inviolable dignity, value and worth, regardless of race, gender, class or other human characteristic.”

Chuck Brown began his professional career with the FBI and actively participated in the apprehension, prosecution and imprisonment of criminal offenders. His career extended into the private sector when he was recruited by Coopers and Lybrand ( now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers )(PwC) and was ultimately responsible for directing and managing numerous multimillion dollar contacts. He is now retired and is an active member of the Richmond Catholic Diocese Prison Advisory Committee. Chuck Brown lives in Nellysford, Virginia with his wife Lee.

What People are Saying About Inside:

"Inside is a reminder to readers that we are all human and deserve basic human rights, no matter who we are. This book will ignite discussion and stimulate change that is desperately needed."

~Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking

“The dispassionate thoughtfulness of these prisoner letters will surprise many readers. These men have elected to better themselves even in instances where they may never see the outside world again. Chuck Brown, formerly of the FBI, did not believe his job was done once a criminal was behind bars. On his own he went into prisons to save souls. This book is the testimony of those who welcomed his effort.”

~Alan Pogue, CURE Photographer

“I remember years ago reading an excerpt from Chuck Colson’s book “Life Sentence.” I was favorably impressed then with the stories of prisoners striving to grow in their understanding of Christian living. Chuck Brown in his book “Inside” continues in Colson’s footsteps, giving voice to numerous prisoners who tell their stories, struggles and spiritual journeys. “Inside” chronicles the lives of prisoners who turn to God seeking redemption and restoration. I’m so thankful that God has placed Chuck Brown in the lives of these prisoners not only to give them voice but to also be a mentor and spiritual guide.”

~Bill Twine, Chaplain Supervisor, Chaplain Service of the Churches of Virginia, Inc.

“Chuck Brown's, Inside captures rays of hope that help us reflect on the meaning of life. By taking a peek Inside, personal stories come alive, making what was gray and dark find color and expression. Hope shines bright in this book.”

~Sister Pauline Quinn OP, Pathways to Hope, Prison Dog Program


Chuck Brown

ISBN 9781933002644


PublishingWorks, Inc.

October 2008

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Learn About Chuck Brown's Background

Chuck began his professional career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation while attending Fordham University in New York when he entered a Special Employee program designed and implemented to recruit individuals who met the FBI’s qualification standards, and who were enthusiastic about becoming Special Agents. The Special Employee program involved three years of intensive training in all aspects of the Bureau’s province. Upon successful completion of a college degree, the Bureau’s three-year curriculum, and superior proficiency reports, the candidate was entitled to enter the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. During his tenure with the FBI, he actively participated in the apprehension, prosecution, and imprisonment of criminal offenders.

After serving a number of years with the Bureau, he joined Coopers and Lybrand’s Management Consulting practice, now known as PricewaterhouseCooper’s. His career ended in retirement from PwC after serving many loyal years in senior management positions including assignments from the Secretary of Navy to lead and perform industrial operational improvement programs for the U.S. Navy’s shipyard and aviation depots across the nation. Chuck and his wife Lee reside in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia. Today, as a retiree, Chuck is actively involved in Prison Ministry and is a member of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond Prison Ministry Advisory Committee. He is also a licensed pilot, certified NAUI Scuba Instructor, licensed U.S.C.G. charter boat captain and sport parachutist. Additionally, Chuck is a new comer to the art of stain glass and has completed a numerous projects of which nearly all have been donated to charity fund-raisers.